Air Freight

At Denmar, we understand the need for swift and efficient transportation solutions, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of air freight services. Whether you require airport-to-airport delivery or door-to-door service, we have the expertise and network to ensure your goods reach their destination in the fastest possible time.

Our air freight services include consolidation options, allowing you to optimize cost and maximize efficiency by combining multiple shipments into a single air freight consignment. We also offer direct shipments, ensuring your cargo is transported directly to its destination without any delays or transshipment.

For goods that require specific temperature control, such as chilled or frozen items, we have the necessary expertise and facilities to ensure the integrity and freshness of your products throughout the transportation process. Our team is well-versed in handling temperature-sensitive cargo, implementing the necessary measures to maintain optimal conditions.

In certain situations, a combination of sea and air freight may be the most suitable option. Our multimodal solutions provide the flexibility to seamlessly switch between modes of transportation, ensuring efficient and cost-effective delivery. This approach allows for strategic routing and can help you meet tight deadlines while managing costs effectively.

For larger shipments or time-critical deliveries, we offer full charter and part charter services. These options provide dedicated aircraft or dedicated space on an aircraft, ensuring your cargo receives priority handling and expedited transit.

Denmar also provides comprehensive customs clearance services to facilitate the smooth flow of your air freight shipments. Our experienced customs professionals navigate the complexities of customs regulations, ensuring compliance and minimizing any potential delays.

With our extensive knowledge, global network, and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust Denmar for all your air freight needs. We prioritize speed, reliability, and efficiency, ensuring your goods are delivered on time and in excellent condition. Experience the advantages of our air freight services and let us handle your logistics requirements with professionalism and expertise.